Creative Dreams

Drawing curlicues on the page

Just passing the time away

Charming flowers form and seem to sway

Long stems slowly evolve into tall trees

Then I color everything with paint

and allow myself to dream.

Now it’s a masterpiece in a frame

So I hang it upon a peach-colored wall

Above the floral living room sofa

Now my creative dream is a reality.

Never Ride the Double-Decker Bus

(from Writer’s Digest Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 572-Write a double poem…)

Riding in a humongous double-decker bus

Really made me want to put up a fuss

My mom forced me onto this crazy old contraption

And now I’m having some kind of nervous reaction

This is the biggest automobile on the street

Truth be told, I feel like a big freak

Is everyone out there staring at me?!

I hope this super embarassing ride ends soon

Because this hideous bus makes me feel like a buffoon

Now the scrawny Indian driver just turned up the music

In fact, it sounds like it came straight from Egypt

Once this old clunker stops to let me off

I’ll do everything in my power to avoid getting back on!

Jules Verne Finds His Calling

(from Writer’s Digest Poetry Prompts: Write a travel poem…)

Jules traveled merrily across the sea

In a blue-green ship of massive proportions

His long journey led him to meet

A giant purple octopus the color of the ocean

After this experience, he sailed to Barcelona, Spain

Where pesos poured from the sky like rain

The next stop on his list was Paris, France

He purchased pink roses from a man named Lance

Then there was a small library in London, England

Here he read exciting books of adventure and daring

But no matter where he chose to travel

The best places to go were fondly imagined

All he had to do was use paper and pen

To head to places he’d never been

After all, nothing was more exciting

Than making up stories for everyone to read.

Three Tuneful Mice Perform in Guthrie

A trio of silvery-hued mice

Sang a happy little ditty

While grandma sat in her favorite seat

By the way, the temperature was 120 degrees

In the middle of the small town of Guthrie

Although she didn’t even notice the three

After all, they were standing so daintily

Underneath the cream-colored eaves

Beside grandma’s steaming chamomile tea

On top of a side table decorated with a vase of daisies

Now each one slowly began to sing:

“La da da da deeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Still, not one soul heard their melodic pleas

Of course, except a few stray bumblebees

Who’d just wandered in from a nearby oak tree

Just then, grandma started to sneeze:


The trio of mice scattered and so did the tea

Well harrumph and fiddle-de-dee!

The Missing Keys

(from Writer’s Digest Poetry Prompts: Write a missing poem…)

Someone really needs to investigate

The case of the missing keys;

They aren’t sitting in the junk drawer

Nor are they atop the mantelpiece;

They’re certainly not on a peg next to the door,

And they’re surely not resting in deep pockets

Or even floating in the nearby lake.

You see, there’s a missing person case,

And these keys are necessary to unlocking

This disturbing mystery.

Rules Were Meant to Be Broken

(from Writer’s Digest Poetry Prompts: Write a rules poem…)

Darla plainly enjoyed breaking the rules

Consequently, she did so at school

So her classmates thought her a fool;

Other times, there were the library nooks

Here she’d leave an enormous mess of books

So the librarian thought her a crook;

One day, Darla broke a big rule

She stole a pair of department store shoes

So the fancy company decided to sue;

This problem caused Darla much distress

She felt truly sorry for her offense

Now she believes following the rules makes sense.

Desert Lair of the Dragon

Large, tan dragon wings appear gradually into view

Above a horned head of a golden hue

The creature soars past high cliffs and dark crags

Above a sparse desert valley, it’s long shadow drags

A blue-gray sky is filled with massive clouds

Faced with a fierce storm, the dragon is proud

The great beast sees it’s sizeable lair up ahead

It glides swiftly then lands with it’s wings slightly outspread.

The Mystery of Art

Paintbrush dripping with various

Colors of the rainbow

They splatter the easel

Pink, purple, yellow, green

Falling down like tears

Or avalanches of emotion

The artist thinks creatively

Oblivious to the outside world

Every splotch is meaningful

Yet the shapes are indiscernible

Are they flowers or clouds?

The mysterious purpose of the artist

Will never be solved.

In the Name of Chickens

(from Writer’s Digest Poetry Prompts: Write an “In the Name of Blank” poem…)

Every chicken is as sweet as she can be,

Her very being is full of personality,

She clucks softly when she eats cracked corn,

When it’s time for sleep, she hums a melodic tune,

Every chicken deserves to be cherished and loved,

By a dedicated person who cares enough,

Always remember to treat chickens well,

They’re worth caring for and love can’t be sold.

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