Desert Lair of the Dragon

Large, tan dragon wings appear gradually into view

Above a horned head of a golden hue

The creature soars past high cliffs and dark crags

Above a sparse desert valley, it’s long shadow drags

A blue-gray sky is filled with massive clouds

Faced with a fierce storm, the dragon is proud

The great beast sees it’s sizeable lair up ahead

It glides swiftly then lands with it’s wings slightly outspread.

Dragon: Stargazer

Shiny scales of a dark purple hue

Adorn the creature’s powerful body,

A fantastic display of folklore.

The dragon lifts his large head

And breathes an awesome fire.

Now he walks out of his lair

And into the cold night

To contemplate a clear sky

Of infinite constellations.

To him, the spectacle is in the stars.

Dragon Games

From the start, I noticed the dragon was as friendly as could ever be asked for. “Hello there!” he said with a display of crooked teeth and a carefree grin. He shook my small hand with his large paw, and I laughed without fear, knowing in my heart of hearts he was genuinely amiable.

The dragon’s name was Pinkley, and I’d met him before. In fact, on several occasions, because Pinkley was particularly forgetful and clumsy. Though, to his credit, he was very kind and lovable. You’d think his pink scales would make him less intimidating, but this was far from true. For instance, his height and fangs were enough to make any human run away and hide in a cave far, far away.

After we greeted each other, Pinkley stared at me with a bewildered look, and I felt immense pity. This always happened when we met, and it happened again this time. He stared for about ten seconds then asked me,”I’m sorry, do I know you?” I told him we’d met on several occasions, and he said awkwardly,”Oh…”. This was exactly why I always avoided bumping into him. When I usually see him, I try to hide behind a boulder or a bush, or tiptoe away before he notices me. His bad memory was a bit frustrating, but I still liked his personality.

Since I tended to enjoy seeing Pinkley around, and he treated me with more respect than most dragons did, I decided to stick around. He took notice of this and asked me if I’d like to play Dragon Checkers. I was genuinely excited to play because last time I’d participated in this game with him, I’d won. But once we began, I could see that Pinkley had been practicing. On his third move, he captured two of my forest green pieces with his fiery red one. When my turn came, I took one of his pieces and unfortunately that was all. Eventually, Pinkley won the game while I resolved to practice for next time. “Ha!” he roared and laughed while fire spewed from his mouth. Being beaten by Pinkley the forgetful dragon wasn’t an experience I’d ever want anyone to find out about.

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