Feed Your Plastic to the Bacterium

Plastic litters the planet

Destroying everything in sight,

From oceans to forests

And not to mention wildlife,

According to studies, humans may eat

Up to one credit card’s worth

Of plastic per week;

It consumes all living things.

But the one thing it’s not killing,

Instead consumes it,

In fact, it’s a new bacterium,

And it feeds on polyurethane.

This discovery can inspire hope

For a future without plastic.

One day, we might not have to worry about plastic;

Instead, we’ll just feed our trash to the bacterium.

Sources: New Scientific Discoveries Made in 2020-learningenglish.voanews.com, You could be swallowing a credit card’s weight in plastic every week-cnn.com

The Glory of Being a Clown

Fascinating clowns of all sizes and shapes

Fill the green- and pink-striped circus tent

Talking and giggling amongst themselves.

Some smiling, others with eternal frowns

Painted on their cartoon-like faces.

Now it’s time for the show.

Each one runs this way and that

In comical confusion and anticipation

As they hop into their tiny cars,

Red, green, purple and yellow,

Vehicles of hilarity and joy.

Now they drive around in circles

And honk their respective horns.

Doors open, they jump out,

Tangled up in knots like fools.

One trips over his own feet

While another squeezes his big red nose.

The finale is the toppling tower,

So they climb on each other’s backs

To create a pyramid of colorful clowns.

The topmost one raises his white-gloved hands

High in the air and waves energetically.

His glorious moment has arrived.

11 Fantastic Purple Hues

Lavender flowers are adorned with soft pastel petals,

V is for shy violet, a truly lovely shade,

Periwinkle is a lot like the word ‘twinkle’.

Boysenberry sounds cheery and o-so-merry!

Amethyst sparkles for its dazzling display,

Plum for magical fairies dancing a ballet,

Jam paints a pretty splotch of color on bread,

Orchids can be eerie and lounge over your head.

Magenta is sort of pink, lively and gay.

Grape is delicious and never seems to fade.

Purple, like a portrait, a perfect hue touched with red.

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