Clumsy 101: How to Be a Classic Nerd

As many people know, being a nerd comes with many challenges. This can include everything from dealing with obsessive bullies to trying to figure out how to make friends. Although this might stop some people from being part of the geeky squad, others choose to just take the good with the bad. These tips can help you be a classic nerd and stop fitting into the cool crowd.

Be Uniquely You

As a classic nerd, changing who you are simply isn’t possible. Indeed, you need to be genuine from the inside out which leaves no room for becoming someone you’re not. Therefore, you might as well accept the fact that you’ll always be you and commit to live this way. It’s important to remember you’re truly a unique individual, and it’s very rare you’d ever come across anyone remotely similar to you. You can be yourself by expressing your personal feelings and thoughts whenever you feel like doing so. This means it can be perfectly acceptable for you to speak your mind during class, work meetings, doctor’s appointments, family gatherings and whenever else the need may arise.

Dress the Goofy Part

Since you’ll need to look as goofy as possible to show everyone who you really are, try to stand out. You should love dressing in conservative yet bold attire because this will only make you yourself all the more. One outfit females can wear is a longish plaid skirt, button-down top, glasses and flats. If you’d really like to be like the classic version, be modest by not showing too much skin at all. On the other hand, males can layer a blue denim button-down shirt underneath a brown crewneck jumper. Next, pull on a pair of glasses with dark frames and loafers and you’re ready to head to the library or comic book convention.

Stand Up for Your Beliefs (No Matter What)

Let’s face it, no matter what, you’ll get treated in a less than satisfactory manner by all. So you might as well stand up for what you believe in. Although this probably won’t make you any friends, you’ll feel like a better person for doing the right thing. For one thing, nerds are notorious for being awkward at best in gym class. Instead of going with the flow and sticking with the crowd, tell the teacher you need to finish an assignment. Since you don’t want to be a liar or else you wouldn’t be a real nerd, tell the truth. This is only possible if you always have an assignment waiting for you. You can make this happen by waiting to do your homework until after gym class is over. Additionally, standing up for your beliefs when you’ve had enough and refuse to take it anymore can benefit everyone in the best way.

Only Make Friends with Other Nerds

Some types of nerds, such as the undercover nerd, might be able to find friends who aren’t of the geeky variety. As a classic nerd, you’ll want to stick to the most upright group of friends as possible. This establishes your honesty and integrity so no one can hold anything against you. For one, bullies tend to pick fights with people like you, so it’s crucial not to give them any unnecessary advantages. You can find friends by joining the debate team, inviting people who appear intelligent to play chess, attending bingo night at church each week or entering video game tournaments, among other things. Another idea is to find a fitting job such as comic book illustrator, video game animator, ethical hacker, science teacher, television/movie news writer or something else you’re talented at. After you’ve done this, get to know coworkers to see if you have enough in common to be friends.

Be the Tattletale Everyone Despises

If you’ve always wanted to tell on the brats around you for what they do wrong, now that you’re learning to be a nerd could be the perfect time. For instance, if the classroom bully sticks a piece of gum under his desk when the teacher has his/her back turned, don’t look the other way. Simply raise your hand straight up into the air and wait for the teacher to turn around. Right when she does, tell her what the bully just did. She’ll always be grateful for your input about anything and everything after that. Consequently, remember to watch your back because nobody else likes a tattletale. You can also be a tattletale at work, on the bus, while carpooling and at family holiday gatherings.

Get Rid of Tattoos & Bad Attitudes

To be sure, tattoos may look fashionable on those who’d like to express themselves artistically through body art, but they come at a price. For example, it can be a challenge to be treated like the classic nerd you aspire to be. It is true that you might be able to pull off having a tattoo as a trendy nerd because you’ll have to use makeup to hide it otherwise. Consequently, you might even be forced to spend hundreds of dollars to remove it. Another issue might be having a bad attitude. In fact, this can cause people to dislike you for more than one reason. To improve yourself, you might want to attend an etiquette class.

Let People Laugh (But Not Too Much!)

Some people will laugh at anything and everything, but this can be especially true when they meet a nerd. Despite their foolish dispositions, it’s wise to remember they’re only human. This means it can be acceptable to allow them to laugh at you for being yourself. Just remember, jokes can lead to ridicule, and this is what makes a bully into a bully. If you encounter someone who becomes increasingly out of control with their cruelty, get away because they’re likely to get even worse as time passes. Moreover, you might even need to join a support group for those who’ve been abused by bullies.

While plenty of people seem to want to be popular, others would rather be as unique as possible. Of course, being liked by everyone around you can have privileges, but nerds often win in the end. After all, the most successful people, such as bosses and scientists, are usually nerds.

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