Bibliophiles Unite: 6 Intriguing Reasons to Love Books

As bibliophiles know, the reasons to adore books are nearly endless. From the compelling front cover that captivates you to dive in to the fascinating ending that leaves you wanting more, books are truly a profound inspiration to us all. Here are a few engaging reasons to love books.

Escape Uncomfortable Situations

While some people enjoy small talk, booklovers would usually rather engage in meaningful conversations about in depth topics. In these instances, it can be a wise idea to use reading to avoid uncomfortable situations. For example, if you’re stuck waiting in line at the store, you can grab a novel, magazine or comic book from a nearby shelf so you don’t have to have random conversations with employees or other strangers. Further, when you take a pet to see the veterinarian, you’re forced into a waiting room with other people. Instead of feeling like you need to talk to them and admire their ailing pets, pick up a book. Doing so might even help you avoid catching an illness yourself. Not to mention the fact that your pet deserves to be protected. Additionally, you can avoid conflict at home by grabbing a paperback and taking it to a place in the house far, far away from troublemakers.

Live in a Different World

Escaping reality can be simple if you have the right book. For instance, just pick up a fantasy or science fiction novel to satisfy your need for imaginative exploration. Of course, spending time in Middle-Earth surely sounds infinitely more exciting than being anywhere else. Or maybe you’d rather visit The Land of Oz where you can follow the Yellow Brick Road. Be enchanted by horses of various hues, shy Munchkins, witchcraft, flying monkeys and other old-fashioned oddities. Indeed, Narnia is an extraordinary place full of fantastical creatures and magical characters. And, you never have to grow up if you dwell in a place as charming as Neverland. Here, you’ll fight pirates on a vast ship, mingle with the adorable Tinkerbell and have a heart-stopping duel with the famous Captain Hook.

Look and Feel Smarter

Since it takes brainpower to open up a paperback and actually read it through to the end, people will often admire you for this. Therefore, carrying one with you gives you the perfect opportunity to feel and look like an intellectual almost everywhere you go. Classic novels you might want to carry include The Call of the Wild, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Frankenstein, Dracula, The Time Machine, War of the Worlds or something else. Along with this, you might want to try wearing stylish glasses and a fashionable outfit that makes you look as intelligent as you are. Remember to fix your hair in an endearing hairstyle to enhance your appearance and complete the intelligent look.

Gain Valuable Knowledge

You can gain another piece of knowledge or two each day by opening a book. It doesn’t have to be educational for you to learn something from it either. To illustrate, reading Aesop’s Fables can teach you the value of employing morals in everyday life. Moreover, the Harry Potter series can provide enlightenment on the importance of friendship. If you’d rather read nonfiction, you might learn a thing or two about history, travel adventures or self-help. The knowledge you gain from reading can be used for winning trivia contests, acing vocabulary tests or finishing crossword puzzles, among other things.

Buy One or More on a Budget

You can find plenty of free or affordable books if you’re on a budget. Try visiting a bookstore online or locally to purchase something of interest. Other than this, check for discounts on Amazon or Barnes & Noble for unbeatable sales. Look for free books online by heading to Project Gutenberg, Kindle Store, Smashwords, Bookbub and Robin Reads, among others.

Join a Book Club

While you may be able to use books to avoid people you’d rather not talk to at the moment, you can also use them to socialize. Online book clubs you might like are The Goodreads Choice Awards Book Club, Oprah’s Book Club, Reese’s Book Club, Lit Hub’s Virtual Book Channel, The Rumpus Book Club or Silent Book Club. Be empowered by other bookworms to chat about new releases from spectacular authors. Joining a group of like-minded people can motivate you to check books off your reading list faster and delver deeper into understanding your reading material.

If you’ve ever stayed up late to finish reading a novel, you probably have a great fondness for books. In fact, you might even bring a book with you everywhere you go so you’re never stuck wasting your time on doing anything else for too long. And some would argue that reading is the most valuable way to spend one’s time.

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