In the Name of Chickens

(from Writer’s Digest Poetry Prompts: Write an “In the Name of Blank” poem…)

Every chicken is as sweet as she can be,

Her very being is full of personality,

She clucks softly when she eats cracked corn,

When it’s time for sleep, she hums a melodic tune,

Every chicken deserves to be cherished and loved,

By a dedicated person who cares enough,

Always remember to treat chickens well,

They’re worth caring for and love can’t be sold.

Author: RainbowBunny

Hi! This is my highly imaginative blog. I enjoy reading many different genres of books, creative writing and drawing, among other things. I'm also a vegan, and an animal lover who has a special fondness for nature. One of my biggest talents is providing creative inspiration to all. I hope you have tons of fun reading the stuff I write! :-)

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