Attack on Rainbow Planet

(from Writer’s Digest: Lucky Charms-Write a scene or story that includes a rainbow, etc.)

Rainbows were prevalent almost everywhere on Rainbow Planet. Instead of trees growing in forests, in their places were rainbows. Some were only saplings, just sprouting from the ground, while others were over 50 feet tall and thriving. And, instead of waterfalls, rainbows flowed smoothly down similar to water. The creatures of the woods were even born with brightly colored stripes that never faded as they aged.

In the big city, skyscrapers, automobiles and pedestrians were painted a tasteful rainbow hue. Up above, a multicolored airplane flew past. Inside an upscale restaurant, a waiter was dressed elegantly in the latest colorful designer wear. He brought a platter of rainbow pasta and a colorful vegetable platter to the table of a famous actress. Of course, she was dressed in a glittering gown adorned with every color of the rainbow.

In fact, anyone who chose not to wear rainbow-like colors was sent to a place called Neutral City. Here, offenders were only allowed to wear fashion neutrals including navy, gray, black, khaki, brown and white. After all, adhering to the appropriate color spectrum was the law. This was just the way things were on Rainbow Planet. Further, every upstanding citizen was expected to maintain a pleasant, sunny attitude towards all. That is, until one day, this positive attitude was covered over with an ugly shade of blackness…

There was one nasty citizen who some people were familiar with but others had no clue about. He absolutely despised rainbows and spent all of his free time trying to think up ways to destroy them for forever. His real name was Jeff Jenkenson, but the collective public knew him as Ink Man. Jeff had built a lab in the basement of his own house, and this was where he developed his dark plan.

One day in the not too distant future, Ink Man was flying overhead with his dark red cape billowing behind him. He spotted some ordinary citizens and decided to take out his first order of revenge upon them. Lifting up his giant magical ink pen into the air, he threw black ink blots and lines all over these unsuspecting folk. Following this, there were general shouts of terror and dismay. But Ink Man didn’t care about the feelings of these losers. He continued to squirt black ink all over the buildings, trees, birds and everywhere else.

After the disgraceful attack from Ink Man, the people of Rainbow Planet tried to get the ink stains off of their clothing and skin, but to their utter distress, not one bit would come off. For their skin, they tried to vigorously rub it off and also consult with doctors, but their efforts were in vain. They tried to save their clothing by using bleach, laundry detergent, long soaks and days in the sun, but it was hopeless. Once they finally realized they were cursed to live with these unfashionable stains for all eternity, they decided to change the name of Rainbow Planet to Ink Planet. This is why no one’s discovered this planet in our universe before, because it’s too splotched with inky blots to discern in the blackness that is outer space.

Author: RainbowBunny

Hi! This is my highly imaginative blog. I enjoy reading many different genres of books, creative writing and drawing, among other things. I'm also a vegan, and an animal lover who has a special fondness for nature. One of my biggest talents is providing creative inspiration to all. I hope you have tons of fun reading the stuff I write! :-)

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