The Missing Audiotape

(from Writer’s Digest Writing Prompts: Tell a story through a found audio recording…)

As Detective Ramirez sifted through the evidence for the third time, his eyes caught an object previously unnoticed. In fact, it was the missing audiotape! How did this get here? he wondered to himself as he placed it into the player to listen. As the tape was playing, he decided to brew himself some fresh coffee. Since this was the second time he’d heard it, he tried to listen more carefully than before. About 20 minutes into it, he did notice an inconsistency and pressed rewind then stop to listen again. The female, whose name was Luanne, who spoke didn’t seem to be telling the truth about her whereabouts on the night in question. For one, the detective was aware of a slight tremor in her voice. Another thing was that in the first part of the tape, the story she told was of her flipping burgers at her job at the Truck Stop Cafe the night Timmy was killed. But later on, when Ramirez asked her the same question, she calmly replied that she was serving coffee to a repeat customer named Joe. Detective Ramirez wondered why she lied about what she was doing at work on this day. Or was it merely a case of forgotten details? Either way, he decided he’d have to figure it out soon because, if not, the wrong man, Finley, might be accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Besides this, he’d have to head to the Truck Stop Cafe to see if he could track down fellow coffee drinker Joe. He took a sip from his own mug and settled down for an evening of deep contemplation…

Author: RainbowBunny

Hi! This is my highly imaginative blog. I enjoy reading many different genres of books, creative writing and drawing, among other things. I'm also a vegan, and an animal lover who has a special fondness for nature. One of my biggest talents is providing creative inspiration to all. I hope you have tons of fun reading the stuff I write! :-)

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