Self-Help: 9 Thoughtful Ways to Be a Better Person

One of the best ways to improve your quality of life is to be a better person. While this may not always be easy, you can take small actions towards self-improvement. For one, having a positive mindset can be very helpful in making personal progress. Here are a few things you can try to be a better person.

Be Your Authentic Self

One way to be a better person is to be your authentic self. After all, when you’re not yourself, you might make the wrong friends, take care of your health a lot less and do plenty of things you regret. On the other hand, when you are being yourself, you’re probably more positive, physically fit and friendly with people who genuinely care about you as a person. This can open many opportunities for you in your relationships, career and other areas of life.

Practice Self-Care

The only way you can really care about others is to love yourself. Doing self-care activities on a regular basis can help you gain self-respect. Some ideas for self-care include eating a healthy diet, spending time with a pet, using essential oils, exercising at least three to four times per week or playing calming music, among others. Furthermore, you can commit to self-care by asking a friend to join you or writing your thoughts and plans in a daily journal.

Try Being More Spiritual

Spirituality has the power to change lives in the most positive ways. According to Psychology Today, spiritual people can be more empathetic and less likely to commit suicide. Many people utilize spirituality to deal with alcoholism, death and other personal problems. Besides this, you may gain meaning and a sense of purpose by praying, meditating or doing yoga a few times a week. Some benefits of yoga are improved balance, flexibility, sleep quality, mood and others.

Consider How Your Actions Affect Others

One person’s actions can matter a whole lot. For example, treating people with respect can not only make them like you more, but they’ll likely always remember your kindness. Since most people can be jerks, doing a good deed can be rewarding to you and those around you. At the least, you’ll feel like a better person for doing something positive.

Be Grateful for Nature

With all of the trash littering the oceans, forests and other areas across the planet, now is always the time to be grateful for nature. Of course, you can do this by joining a neighborhood cleanup group, planting a tree, choosing reusable alternatives, eating less meat, growing your own produce, going paperless or donating gently used items, among others. Another way is to volunteer for an animal welfare organization of your choice by taking a dog for a walk, writing blog articles, fundraising or doing something else.

Try Being Selfless

If you pay attention to how you feel when you focus on yourself too much, you might not like yourself at these times. However, when you do something unselfish, you probably like who you are more. For instance, think about the times when you might have opened a door for someone or listened to a friend when no one else was there for him/her. These actions or others like them likely made you feel like a good person. In addition, you can be more selfless by volunteering or doing good deeds every day.

Protect Those Who are Vulnerable

The truth is that the world is full of bullies who don’t mind preying on the vulnerable and weak. Instead of standing back and watching someone suffer or joining in the bullying, try to protect them. You can do this by speaking up against bullies. Letting them know that this isn’t okay can save someone else a great deal of trouble. Consequently, bullies can cause someone to have serious mental health issues or commit suicide. Bullies aren’t only strangers, but they can also be family members or those who call themselves friends.

Do the Right Thing

Although doing the right thing can be a challenge, it has plenty of benefits. For one, you’ll have a more meaningful life and maybe even a purpose. Another benefit is that you can make friends with people who you have mutual respect with. You’ll learn to see people as actual human beings. Finally, you’ll like yourself for who you are.

Commit to Self-Improvement

Possibly the hardest part of being a better person is committing to it. But telling yourself you can do it no matter what happens can significantly impact your life. Keep saying you can do it and persevere through every obstacle you face. Before you know it, your life will be going the way you’ve always wanted it to.

If you have trouble with improving yourself, it’s important to be understanding of why you feel this way. For example, maybe you have unresolved issues from childhood. In this case, you might want to see a therapist you can trust. Further, giving yourself time to adjust to change can make life a bit easier on you.

Author: RainbowBunny

Hi! This is my highly imaginative blog. I enjoy reading many different genres of books, creative writing and drawing, among other things. I'm also a vegan, and an animal lover who has a special fondness for nature. One of my biggest talents is providing creative inspiration to all. I hope you have tons of fun reading the stuff I write! :-)

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