Spreading Happiness to Bullies

I spread happiness and joy

To this big, wide world.

And almost no matter what I do,

I get stomped upon by bullies.

In fact, the world seems full of oppressors.

But does anyone deserve this abuse?

Obviously not,

Yet, people still suffer…

So I stand up for my beliefs,

But, most people don’t care enough

To do the right thing.

Why? I ask myself

Every sleepless night.

Because some people just don’t change…

Yet, I have to wonder:

Why am I spreading happiness to bullies?

Maybe because they’re the ones

Who need it the most.

Author: RainbowBunny

Hi! This is my highly imaginative blog. I enjoy reading many different genres of books, creative writing and drawing, among other things. I'm also a vegan, and an animal lover who has a special fondness for nature. One of my biggest talents is providing creative inspiration to all. I hope you have tons of fun reading the stuff I write! :-)

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